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We are a technology consultancy and software development company that provides top-notch engineers, helping your product to grow.

Uptarget helps you find the right people who hold themselves accountable and adapt to the needs and requirements of your project development. From the initial idea to its implementation, we help you at every step and bring in persistent, highly adaptable people to work on the task.

6 Key Benefits of Working with Dedicated Teams
Get the Perks from Recruitment Game

The hiring process can be a challenge, with a bunch of resumes to scan and candidates to work through. We speed it up to save time for what really matters — your development stage.

Filter by Quality, not Availability

A bigger pool means better quality. You always choose from what you see. However it can be too big for you, and if you don't know where to look — we do. Making connections has enabled us to have a variety of competitors for every role. Geographical location plays its role here.

Bring Your Work Culture to the Table

A company, regardless of size, is more than just its product or business processes. It is people with their culture, values. We recognize and respect this, which is why we function solely as mediators connecting the dots, leaving only the lightest of footprints.

Choose Communication Style

You will take the leading role, communicating directly and openly with the team. No ‘proxy servers’, no interpreters, no Chinese Whisper's.

Free Up from Operational Costs

Remote working team means you pay only for their work. Renting an office? Nope, don’t need that. Providing tech equipment? Get someone who already knows his tools inside out. Paying employee's PTOs, medical or educational benefits, corporate parties, marches, etc. No, we take care of this all.

Regular Feedback meetings

Feedback is important for everyone involved. Working together and meeting regularly helps to create an informal, collaborative atmosphere. 2-way communication is a key point here.


It is great to short with such a professional there and have constant support and contribution to the company and great work environment.

Danny Weissberg
Co-Founder & CEO at Voiceitt

Working with is Great, the company strong people and management is always responsive and has great solutions.

Ami Goren
Founder and CEO of StrategiClear

Hiring the right people for the job is extremely important. In response to our specific recruitment needs, Uptarget assisted us in building a super-talented team, with the best-in-class service.

Guy Levy
CTO of SmarTrike
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