Graphic Designer is looking for a talented Graphic Designer/Brand Designer. Part-time opportunity with a workload of about 20-40 hours per month, hourly pay.

What will you need to do?

— Work on the visual image of the brand at a systemic and complex level.
— Improving the quality of design and visual identity of the brand.
— Development of creative publications for social networks.
— Working with complex tasks to update the company’s merch, website/social media style.
— Creating templates and working with existing ones (presentations, photos, gifs, videos).
— Processing and creation of video content from raw material.
— Processing audio recordings and creating tracks for podcasts.
— Cooperation with PR & Communication Specialist to coordinate the goals and tasks of design materials.

We expect you to be attentive, creative, proactive, honest, adaptable, and to imbue designs with meaning.

We promise an understanding of the creative process, openness to suggestions, flexibility, clear tasks and informal communications.